Top 6 – Afternoon Tea / Coffee & Cake Houses in Vienna

Going to Vienna, you have to eat cake!
Remember: “It´s always somebody’s birthday somewhere”.


There is a variety of good Coffe&Cake Spots in Vienna. But the following are our suggestions to visit – if you want to get the best out of it during your stay.

1. Café Demel

Address: Open: RATING
Kohlmarkt 14

1010 Wien

Underground Station: U3 Herrengasse


9:00 – 19:00



This cafe is by far THE best place to go if you love Cake!!
They offer a big variety of “top-level-pastery” for every taste!  No matter if you want to eat it directly at the cafe  -or if you want to bring home some great sweets as a present for family & friends – it is worth a visit.
Demel was the famous “KuK Hofzuckerbäcker”  – meaning: the confectionary supplier to the Habsburg court in the past. Making all kind of confectionary & sweets for the emperors family itself. Demel was opened in 1786 (fist located on the Michaelerplatz)

All the waitresses there are trained in a special way. They are called “Demelinerinnen” !


One mouthwatering cake after another

Great place – especially for kids: They have an open kitchen – means you can see them make their cakes through a window!



Try one of these


Great take-away / Gift for friends: DEMEL VIOLETS

ca9 ca10

Interested in more?
Have a look at this Video!!

Café (Restaurant) Landtmann

Address: Open: RATING
Universitätsring 4
1010 Wien
Underground Station: U2 Schottentor
Daily: 7:30 – 24:00 ca-sternca-sternca-stern


This Café is on of the most famous “Ringstrasse cafés” in Vienna with a beautiful large garden outside and a covered one for the cold austrian winters. The cafe was opened 1873 by  Franz Landtmann. The café was very liked by the artists and thinkers in the past Siegmund Freund and Gustav Mahler were regular guests at the Landtmann. Today the Landmann is a meetingpoint for politicians, musicians and famous persons from all over the world. In case of an important event in Austria – numbers of pressconferences are held there. Usually if you go there you have the luck of meeting one or two of the highsociety people there. Landmanns coffee and pastries are  really worth a try. If you can not make it for breakast – just have a typical Austrian specialties for lunch. You want be disappointed –I bet!
(Actually the family runs more cafes in town – so have a look at their webpage too.

ca11 ca12 ca13

A Breakfast or afternoon tea – heaven!


Try an “Apfelstrudel” with “Melange (=Coffee)

ca16 ca15

Interested in more?
Have a look at this Video!!

Café Oberlaa

(incl.Café Domayer – near Schönbrunn)

Address: Open: RATING
More than one location
Depending on which location you go (check out internet side) ca-sternca-sternca-stern


This confectionery rans a number of locations – even the Café Oberlaa Domayer which is located near Schönbrunn itself.

ca17 ca18 ca19 ca20

On a colder day – try the Kurbad Torte with some Latte Macchiato


On a hot summerday – try “Eismarillenknödeln”


Or bring some mixed sweets home..


Interested in more?
Have a look at this Video!!

Café (Hotel) Sacher

Address: Open: RATING
Philharmonikerstrasse 4
1010 Wien
Underground Station: U1/U2/U4 Karlsplatz
Daily: 8:00 – 24:00 ca-sternca-sternca-stern


Nobody has to mention things about The 5*Hotel Sacher in this article. It is an institution for itself and maybe the most well-known hotel of Vienna on the Globe.   The Sacher is private owned by the Family Gürtler which runs the hotel since 1934. Of course the “Sachertorte” is one of the things you should have tried at least once in a lifetime. So –when in town – don’t miss to go there. It is located close to the operahouse and the Kärtnerstraße”. So no excuse to miss it!
Keep in mind: Café Sacher is not only located in Vienna – you find it in Salzburg, Innsbruck and Graz too.

There is also an APP available
For you do download

It gives a variety of information
In a Magazine called “SACHER” about
The Hotel Sacher and of course also
about Vienna and its history and current events



ca27 ca28

Well – Sachertorte –What else – with a “einspänner” coffee.  This coffee has double espresso and  a big “cream-head” – which you can add to you Sachertorte…

ca29 ca30

Bring your cake home – or you can order it via internet:

Interested in more?
Have a look at this Video!!

Cafe Gerstner

Address: Open: RATING
Kärntner Straße 13-15
1010 Wien
Near: OperahouseBrunch:
Gerstner Beletage im Palais Todesco,
1010 Wien, Kärntner Straße 51
(make a reservation)
Mon – Sat: 8:30 – 20:00
Son: 10:00 – 18:00


A small pastry shop was opened on  the 24th of April 1847 by family Gerstner. 1873 they were appointed Imperial Court Confectioner. Gerstner served official dinners, receptions, and concert breaks in the Schoenbrunn Palace. The Café and Confectioner is wel known for highest standards products.(This family runs some other great locations too- so check their website! Worth a try!)

ca31 ca32 ca33 ca34 ca35

Try a “Linzertorte” with some Champagner


Buy or bring some presents home (they even ship it):


For odering Online:

Interested in more – how to make Linzertorte?
Have a look at this Video!!

Cafe Schwarzenberg

Address: Open: RATING
Kärntner Ring 17
1010 Wien
Near: Schwarzenbergplatz
So – Fr: 7:00 – 24:00
Sa: 9:00 – 24:00

ca-gabelmesser ca-musik

The Café Schwarzenberg has been opened in 1860 and is today one of the oldest “Ringstrassen cafés” in Vienna. Fine pastries, a great selection of tea and coffee specialties in line with delicious viennese cuisine are offered at this café. It’s a great place to go eighter in the morning or the evening to enjoy the typical atmosphere and tradition of a “Viennese cafés” with a wide range of international newspapers.
Very often the visitors to the café have the possibility to enjoy cultural events like live concerts or readings. Exhibitions are also presented on a regular basis.
Today, the Café Schwarzenberg is one of the last Ringstrasse cafés, which would like to continue the typical atmosphere and tradition of a “Viennese cafés”.

ca39 ca40

Go there in the morning or the evening. Plenty of Newspapers are available!
In the evening you might ses some musicians preforming live (Konzert)

ca41 ca42

Breakfast/Evening Recommendation:
Go for some Tea and warm sweets like: “Palatschinken with Apricot Jam” or “Kaiserschmarn”





Interested in more – how to make Kaiserschmarrn?
Have a look at this Video!!


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