How to get tickets for Vienna New Years Eve Concert ?


Hello- you all – from lovely Vienna..

Different options of taking part at one of viennas greatest and most popular events:

For those who are interested in music and don’t know who to get best access to the New Years Eve Concert here is a little help…

If you do not want to register for the annual card-tombola/lottery (prices would be around 1.000,-EUR/p.person) these are some opportunities to get cards beside of the official way of registering

Check this f.ex.:


  • You book them via a package (Hotel, _NewYearConcert _SightSeeing-etc.)….but be prepared that this is no “cheap option” eighter.

Hotels to check out on this packages would be:

Hotel: The Ambassador
For further details please check:



Hotel: The Levante Parliament

For further details please check:

Levante Parliament


Röhm Classics

2.)   You might also ask at a luxury hotel/ at the concierge  directly …(thing is that you have to stay at the luxury hotel too – so not cheap again)

Das Sacher


3.)   Sometimes tickets are offered at a terrible high price  on the „black market“  (two to three times of the price)… Best places to go would be near the opera house …(but be warned not all ticket are worth any money!!!)


Alternative 1:

At the place in front of the CityHall they show the Concert on a live screen.  (it is for free…- but might be cold in the winter, but a lot of people watch it)


Picture shows the people watching in front of CityHall

Alternative 2:

The Vienna Symphoniker (not the Philharmonica) are playing Beethoven Symphonie Nr.9 (not Strauss) – see link/picture below)


If you like Beethoven, this is also a great a nice surrounding (of course not with so many flowers, but great musicians…)

Prices of cards between 42 and 133 EUR./p.person

Here the link for buying tickets.

Any further questions?

Please leave a comment!

We are happy to help you out.

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