Viennas – Top Wet Markets: “Wiener Naschmarkt”

Viennas – Wet markets (A green plain eaters paradise)

PART 1: Wiener Naschmarkt

For those guys of you who want to stroll along some famouse wet-markets in vienna here is my choise of great recommended options:


The by far biggest wet market (approx. 2,3 hectare) is the so called Wiener Naschmarkt. In the last few years a big restaurant community has set up next to the market.

Want some impression watch this:

Personal Recommendation: Great opportunity to get some great fresh and healty breaktfast (Neni) or (fish) meal (Umarfisch). For us a good alternaive to of the usual heavy Viennese dishes. Or go for some fresh kebap or just grap some good bottle of Austrian wine, grapes, some great austrian cheese (from our point the best cheese selection auf Austria in town: Käseland ), some nuts and fresh bread an head onwards to a park and enjoy a great picknick (maybe with view over the city – like:

Watch this under the more detailed block “Green Vienna” )

A Bit of History:

Back in 1820 the former “Kärntertor-market” was named “Aschmarkt (ash-market)” by the Viennese population because this place was in former times an ash and rubbish deposit place. (Other reason for this given name could also have been the fact that there has been a former milk-market at these place and the old name of the wooden buckets filled with milk – was “asch” because they were made out of ashwood.) Beginning of the 19th century people called the market “Naschmarkt” and this is still the fact until today. The market was formed out of a small vegetable and fruit market which was first located in the inner city near the “Freyung”. Because of a conflict of the city of Vienna and the close-by abbey “Schottenstift” (Freyung 6, 1010 Wien)” the market had to be moved 1780 to the location where it is located now.

Exact address: large area between the Wiedner Hauptstraße – Resselgasse – Operngasse

Location: Map

General max. Opening hours:

(can be different for some stalls in there)

Retail :

Mon – Fri 6:00 – 19:30; Sat. 6:00 – 18:00


Mon – Sat 6:00 to 23:00

Impressions “Now&then”:

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In 1977 close to the Naschmarkt a Fleamarket was set up.


Exact Address: Just use the underground U4 and hop off at Kettenbrückengasse. And there it is – just in front of you. Filled with lots of new and used (and sometimes old) items for art, household, fashing, music etc

Opening Hours: Saturday 6:30 – 18:00; even on holidays beside 25th and 26th of dec. and 1st and 6th of jan) Go and get a good bargain & don’t forget to bargain!

For a quick impression – what is expecting you- just watch this video:

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