Top Travelling Tips to / inside / outside Vienna

How to get around in Vienna plus the easiest way to travel to the cities in the Neighbourhood

(by car, taxi, car-sharing, bus, train, plane or walk)


Hello everybody – out there!

We are very often asked – what is the best way

  1. to get from the airport to the city of Vienna
  2. or travel around inside of Vienna
  3. or travel to some Hot-Spots/great cities nearby

etc. etc.

Well – as you know there are always plenty of options (for every budget) available. So you normally have the choice between cheap & slow and expensive & fast.

But this must not always be the case.

It depends on your personal inquiries …meaning what is more important to you…

  • short travel distance
  • saving on money
  • protecting the environment
  • service
  • etc.

As you all know – Vienna is located in the heart of Europe – so you have many countries to travel quite easy from Vienna directly.

The Picture below should just give you some ideas where to go- quick & easy…eighter by, car, train or plane etc.


  1. Travelling- to and from – Vienna:

Well the best choice – and our recommendation would be to go via this link. (Rio2Rome)

This well organized transport information tool gives you detailed access to “door-to-door” travelling.

So if you are f.ex. interested to go from the airport directly to town – you will find out you have more than one option:


If you want to travel from Vienna to Prag (Tschech Republik) .

There are plenty of ways (for each budget) to get there.


  1. Travelling – inside of – Vienna:

Well- one of THE best (also APP) is the one launched by THE travel provider of Vienna -“WIENER LINIEN” – directly called: QUANDO


Just Add where you want to go from where and get the best advice of options there:


(Another App (also by WienerLinien) would be “SMILE”, which is currently a prototype for a multi-mobility for smart phones. )

We hope this is of any help for you

If you need more advise..just leave as a note

We are happy to come back to you

Safe journey!!

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