Soaps Viennese or DIY Soaps & Bath bombs

Soaps Viennese  or  DIY Soaps&Bath bombs


We all love a person  who smells good. Don’t we?

Soap has always been a luxury product – and if it is produced by real enthusiast & handmade – today this is still pure luxury.

In Vienna there is a great place to go for real good quality soaps made by Viennese – called: “Wiener Seife” (Wiener Seife)

Located at 1030 Wien Hintzerstraße 6 you can visit their shop daily (mo-fr 10:00-18:00; sat.10:00-16:00)

They are made from natural products /high quality oils and extracts of plants.


The owners are very friendly and will help you to find the soap you are looking for, for yourself, familymember or as a nice give-away to friends.

Once you try them you will love them!! Is the slogan they are promoting.

Having tried them – I can only agree.


Soap and Bath bombs making has become very popular these days.

Here is a little input to this subject…

Hope you enjoy!!

Video „How to make Soap“ (super easy)


How to make “Lemon Soap”

how to make “Fruit soap”


Wood Soap Molds:

Available at: Bramble Berry


Silicon Soap Molds

Available at:

Books for Soaps

Books for Bath Bombs

Bath bomb Mold

Interested in more? Need some inspiration?

Have a look at Martha Stewarts site Martha Stewart

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