Best Tips for “Travelling alone”

Best Tips for “Travelling alone” (beside the usual ones you might get)


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Best Books/Movies/Films about Vienna

If travelling to a new country I always like to „get myself into it“ – at first.

I love to see the country or town with the eyes of someone who has been there/lived there.

By watching a film/reading on the airplane, train etc. I get an imagination of the place I want to go.. have something in mind about its history  .. good or bad..

And when I arrive.. I like to go and visit this places – see with my own eyes – what is looks now and imagine the things I have already in my mind.

So– I make up a story of two or more “strangers” (depends how many books I was able to read before) – meeting & exchanging feelings/impressions about this place.

Here are some recommendations:

The famous “Sound of Music”: (in English)


The Thriller “The Third Man”: (in English)

with Original Music to the film:

„Sissi“- Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary (in German)


Here are some books: (in English)



and Music:

the NewYearsEve Concert – 2016维也纳新年音乐会


By “Falco”- one of Austrias great modern musician († 6. Februar 1998)


and last not least to forget:

The Spanish horse riding School of Vienna


and there is much more

Enjoy your journey

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