Expats: Top Tips – Buy / rent real estates in Vienna

Expat? Moving to Vienna: Buying/renting real estates (Part 1)

What to consider?

People decide for a variety of reason to move to a different country and call it their new home. Eighter it is jobwise or on personal matters like safer environment, political stability, good living standards etc. there are a lot of things to considerate.

If Austria is on the top-list of your choices – here is some help for you to make Vienna an interesting option:


Securing your homebase should be top of the list!

What are the prices for sale or rent per square meter (1m2 = 39.3701 inch)?


The following list was published by BUWOG Group and EHL Immobilien on their annual residential market report and gives a good overview about cost of Living in Vienna in their different districts.



BUWOG Group and EHL Immobilien are producing this report on an annual basis. So if you want to know about their ongoing projects or go deeper into details about each district just see their full report under: BUWOG

Like in every city those districts which are better connected to the public transport are placed top on the price-list. (see underground map)


But remember Vienna is – compared to some other large mega-citys very small. So as long as you can afford – stay within the inner districts 1-9 or if you have to move more outside than go for 13, and 18, 19 district to be on the sunny side.

If you get a flat opposite the danube – you will have to take a longer travel distance to get into town. This area is mainly new build “blocks” on flat land.


If you would like to go for a house in Vienna or outside in one of the lovely villages nearby like




Art deco houses in Brunn am Gebirge


View over the area Maria Enzersdorf, Mödling, Brunn

in the inner distric (1010) and don’t forget the mundane; figure out what electricity, water, trash etc might cost you extra.

Here are some popular useful internet pages who offer good access to the propertymarket beside the usual Remax and Engel&Völkers – which can be very pricy issues.

  • Immobilien.net (currently unfortunately only in german available)
  • Willhaben.at (currently unfortunately only in german available)

Keep in mind:

If you buy from a local – he also might help you organizing your move to your new home with some locals.

Remember it is always good to have someone from “inside” to get the work done.

As everywhere – right at the beginning it is not so easy to make friends with the locals.

So this might be a good start.

If you need more help?

Just leave us a message and we come back to you!

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