If you visit Austria / Vienna what is THE meal – one should not miss?

If you visit Austria / Vienna what is THE meal – one should not miss?(Most asked Question about Austria – Vienna)

Well, the most typical and traditional Austrian food you should not miss is – The “Wiener Schnitzel” (even so this was not invented in Vienna)


(pic by kochpott)

This specialty of the Viennese cuisine is a very thin, breaded and pan fried cutlet made from veal – often served with lemon, ketch-up or ligonberry jam and French fries.

Actually it is said that the Austrian Field Marshal Radetzky  has imported this culinary highlight from Italy  – where a similar dish is called “Costoletta alla Milanese” – but noone really knows if this was the truth.

As long as you have it prepared it in a proper way  by some great local restaurants!

For a dessert we recommend you : Apfelstrudel (appel pie)

To check out more on dessert – just have a look at our Afternoon Tea / Coffee & Cake Houses recommendation on this site.

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THE best place to enjoy it (beside of all the tourist traps) is eighter one of the “HEURIGEN” (Look the “best of Heurigen”  up on a separate article on this site) – or at a very tradition-rich Viennese restaurant called: SCHWEIZERHAUS

The Schweizerhaus (“Swiss-house”—but has nothing to do with Switzerland)
1020 Vienna; Prater 116


Is definitely one of Viennas Icons – which has reached international reputation among those people who love the austrian way of life & cuisine.


Located in the 2nd district on the edge of a large amusement park and next to a green large public area this restaurant is THE place to go for this meal.

(Location Map)

Opened in 1868   for 7 days /week and with an area of 3.200m2  for more than 1000 people/seats  (don’t let this scare you) – you can enjoy your  f.ex. your dinner or lunch in a great “beer- garden” in the cosy atmosphere together with another speciality of their own beer – fresh served from the tap.


For those of you who are more a kind of “food-risk-takers” (without risk – as we say) – go for a “Schweinsstelze” (rost pork knuckle)  served with horseradish, mustard and bread and “Krautsalat (coleslaw salat)”


(Pic by schweizerhaus)

If you like this kind of food- you should be on the best place to enjoy this in Vienna. After a busy sight-seeing day – or even with kids who wanted to be entertained in the nearby Prater – this might give you a relaxing “ finishing of your day”

Make sure you make a reservation –  it will be quite busy – especially on hot/warm days!

For more information see link below:

Homepage Schweizerhaus

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